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Blog: How to celebrate Valentine's Day in a long-distance relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Valentine’s Day evokes strong feelings of love among people in all stages of relationships. A long-distance relationship can pull even stronger at the heartstrings. Physical distance doesn’t have to mean emotional distance, though.

Whether you and your significant other are attending different colleges across the country, work takes one of you to a different city or it isn’t an opportune time to be together quite yet, here are some tips for making this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

A week before Valentine’s Day

Arrange a time to bond with one another. While you probably have varying schedules, planning to set aside time for one another will show dedication to your lover. Have a discussion about what you expect out of the special occasion. Some fun ideas to consider include:

  • Cooking or buying a meal to eat together over video chat.
  • Watching a movie or show that is Valentine’s Day related or of special interest to you and your significant other.
  • Exchanging gifts to celebrate the love you share.
  • Playing a multiplayer game on your phones or through a video gaming system.

A couple days before Valentine’s Day

If you plan to send a gift, you can order it online and have it shipped to their location. Flowers, edible arrangements, stuffed animals and more can be purchased online and arrive within days to surprise your companion.

Ensure video chat services are updated on your phone, laptop or tablet if you will use them.

Couples who choose to cook a meal to enjoy at your varying locations can buy groceries to prepare for cooking in a few days without making a mad dash to the store on the holiday.

Create a playlist to share with your lover to enjoy long after the celebration is over. Choosing thoughtful songs that remind you of the love you share will be a great surprise element for the Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s Day

Get excited about spending time with one another. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to let your other half know how you feel about them, so utilize the time you have together to make your lover feel special.

If your shared time is planned for the afternoon or evening, express your excitement for bonding later through a text or phone call. This will enhance the Valentine’s Day celebration before your reserved time even starts.

Open gifts you exchanged, enjoy a meal, play games or just appreciate one another as you discussed. Enjoy your special time with one another and make it uniquely yours. All relationships have different factors that make the partnership work – emphasize those characteristics on this occasion.