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Best, worst commercials from Super Bowl LII

Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.

If there's one thing that fans anticipate more than the actual Super Bowl game, it’s the Super Bowl commercials.

Every year, people expect companies to go big or go home with their ads, so here's a list of some commercials that went big, and some that should have stayed home.

Best: Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.’s 'Dirty Dancing' spoof

Nobody puts Beckham in a corner. Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. made the most of their end zone celebration by mirroring the choreography from the final dance in the film "Dirty Dancing." They dedicated themselves to the moves, which is something I found both admirable and humorous. Most importantly, they nailed the iconic lift.

Worst: Sprint’s 'Evelyn' commercial

For hyper-intelligent robots, they used a basic way to get their point across. You would think Sprint would put more of an effort in like it did on the design of the robots. But for $10 million, I guess Sprint just wanted them to laugh at the human’s expense. That’s all they did if you really think about it.

Best: Peter Dinklage (Doritos Blaze) vs. Morgan Freeman (Mountain Dew Ice)

Peter Dinklage set the room on fire, literally, lip-syncing Busta Rhymes’ verse in Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” while promoting Doritos Blaze. Morgan Freeman clapped back with an icier lip-sync performance of Missy Elliots’ “Get Ur Freak On” to promote Mountain Dew Ice. Neither missed a beat, even with cameos made by both artists, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot, who originated the songs. Both Dinklage and Freeman brought their A-game, but one question still remains: who won the battle?

Worst: Keanu Reeves on a motorcycle

We get it; Keanu Reeves really likes motorcycles. That was evident considering the fact that he just kept repeating himself to his subconscious that was talking back to him. Squarespace lacked a lot of creativity in this ad and made it one of the worst of the year.

Best: Amazon's 'Alexa' loses her voice

When Amazon's Alexa unexpectedly loses her voice, Amazon is ready with some famous backups to take over for her. It doesn’t take long to realize they may not be the perfect replacements. Chef Gordon Ramsay immediately loses his temper when an Echo owner asks how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. “Pathetic. You’re 32 years of age and don’t know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich?” Meanwhile, another Echo owner asked his Alexa to set the mood for a casual party he was throwing, but Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson had a different, more romantic idea when it came to “setting the mood,” and made everyone quite uncomfortable. Cardi B. was a more defiant version of Alexa when she was asked to play country music. Instead of obliging, she played her song “Bodak Yellow.” When she was corrected, she played nothing and after a brief moment of silence, continued to play her song. It’s safe to say that this job should be left to the real professional, the O.G. Alexa.

Worst: Diet Coke's dancing woman

Diet Coke was just a woman dancing, if you could even call it that. She just swayed her hips back and forth. It lacked so much, but most importantly, my interest.

Best: It’s a Tide ad

Stranger Things’ David Harbour played out a handful of commercials that are assumed to be for different things. For instance, beer commercials usually take place in a bar, and car commercials usually on some curvy highway that no one else is driving on. Harbour played out many different scenarios of assumed commercials. What did they all have in common? All of the clothes were clean and the colors remained bright.

Worst: Pringles WOW

This one was the most disappointing because it had the ability to be one of the top commercials. Bill Hader is a hilarious SNL veteran who could have done and said funnier things. Pringles could have been better at advertising the product as well. Having a set with a blue screen could have opened up so many possibilities, but instead they just leave Kevin hanging up in the background. There are a lot of "could have," "would have" and "should have's," but they didn’t.