Humans of OSU: Ellie Brooks

Ellie Brooks Humans of OSU

Ellie spoke candidly about her favorite childhood band, Thousand Foot Krutch. She started liking the band at 6 years old because her older brother, whom she has looked up to her whole life, loved the band. Years later, Ellie went to what she calls the best concert she’s ever been to with her older sister.

”So I’d never seen them in concert before, and Red is also a band that was in my top 5, so I was seeing some of my favorite bands for the first time all in one concert and it was so cool. There were double encores, you know, they would go off the stage and we’d be cheering ‘em on, and people would be wearing the art of breaking masks, which is very iconic for Thousand Foot Krutch. So I had to go, and this concert was the best. My neck ached so bad from the headbanging. Singing along I think is what makes a concert, so because I had been listening for like seven years, I knew all the lyrics, so that was so special. And I met Red, I got to go backstage and like handshake. I got to meet all of them.”